Sunday, May 30, 2010


For those rabid blog-followers of mine that don't know (i like to believe that i have a VERY large cyber-audience) I became an aunt about a year ago. 14 months, to be precise. Along with a buying a road bike, visiting the Art Institute in Chicago, and quitting my last job, being an aunt ranks among the top 5 things i've done since graduating from college. Its not like i have had anything to do with the raising and/or nurturing of my nephew--we will call him "Sugary Sugs", mostly because I get confused about the spelling of his name. In fact, I daresay I would be filled with chagrin at the mere thought of taking any credit for the way this kid is shaping up. My sister and her husband are excellent parents. This kid is adorable, not to mention, or perhaps due to the fact that he only has 7 teeth. Really, I don't know how a small child could be more charming. He smiles at everyone, usually around a morsel of food, and with only seven teeth he really does melt your heart. The best part, though? The other day I heard him say my name on the phone. That's right. Hi-di. And accompanied by that toothy grin, he can get anything he wants from me. I can't wait for more nieces and nephews! (Jenni, Mary, Hannah...that was directed at you guys. Sarah is already pulling her weight.)

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Hannah said...

Heidi, give me some time woman, i'm only ninteen. And Q said my name a few weeks ago, i about died of happiness and love for that little boy.