Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Job Hunting

Its that time again. Four months after I've begun another job, and I am starting to feel antsy again. I started this terrible habit after I graduated (4 jobs later, I think I am safe calling it a habit), of changing jobs about every four months. I suppose I do this to keep my life in just enough turmoil to keep it exciting. Whatever the case, the reality of the matter is that I am ready to move on. I am sure this is much to my father's chagrin, because along with Jupiter, the moon, and about 80 of the young single adults in the Denver metro area, my resume is beginning to be a source of stress for him. All those short-term jobs. I'm sure my dear father never expected us girls to continue to be a source of financial concern for him, poor man. Such is the nature of the beast with five daughters, though. Now that I think of it, I'm surprised my dad didn't do more to encourage us to marry as soon as we hit the BYU campus. Either that, or major in accounting. Take a little stress off his hands.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that I am ready to move on. As such (please, if you will, imagine me giving myself a pleased pat on the back), last night I spent several hours applying for jobs. I sent all manner of resumes and cover letters into various and sundry parts of the internet universe, probably to be lost in the digital morass of other resumes and cover letters titled "Desperate Job-Seekers". I'm sure my resumes compose at least 1/16th of this figurative mound. Nevertheless, I sallied forth enough energy to click-clack on my keyboard for the better part of 4 hours (hence the pat on the back). And you know what? Although my fingers are a BIT weak from all that exertion, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Lest you think my current situation is abysmal (it is not), here are several reasons I love my job right now:

1) I am currently taking an on-line Yale course on Financial Markets while I work. Bob Schiller is absolutely charming.

2) I have a window to look out, complete with an American flag that rises just into my line of vision (I have become strangely patriotic since working for the Army).

3) Every few weeks around 11am us contractors are rounded up by Army personnel to attend an awards ceremony. They always seem to be decorating each other with some sort of ribbon or medal or sash, complete with shouts of "Hooah!" and, if we are really lucky, a rendition of the Army song. Mostly, though, I think its just an excuse to have a luncheon.

4) I work close enough that I can bike to work. Its a lovely ride in the mornings, although these days I have been arriving a bit sweatier and ruddier than I did when the spring air was nice and crisp. My helmet hair is becoming a distraction.

5) My cubicle neighbor is narcoleptic. Funny. Especially when his medicine runs out.

6) I have benefits. I even got two cavities filled last month. Thank goodness for dental insurance.

7) I get a paycheck.

8) I get a paycheck.

9) I get a paycheck.

10) The computer system we use is so slow I have time to blog.


Jenni said...

i am offended that our daily gchats didn't make the top ten. shun.

Joe and Katie said...

Yeah. What about my gchats? I guess the itch is only because you are so multi-talented you feel the need to exhaust all facets of your talents. What I think you should do is look into jobs in the field of hummus... Isn't there something? Maybe I will hire you to be my in home chef. Anything to get you here.

Hannah said...

this blog brings joy to my life. please post more, thanks. love you.