Saturday, July 24, 2010

GRE: Heidi as Guillotine: Robespierre

I had a distressing experience this morning. I took the GRE. Even for someone who did not get the score I did, taking any form of computerized, standardized, digitized, dehumanized test is not a terribly pleasant experience. I was, and, 40 minutes later, still am more than a bit distraught about my score. Not that I have anyone but myself to blame, of course. I think I may have had two real study sessions. The rest were brief and desultory; they usually consisted of two to three questions total, each one interrupted by conversation with my roommates about boys or work or our need to find work AND boys.friends. So I really can't blame anyone but myself for being terribly unprepared for what is (rather unfortunately) a large determining factor in where I get into graduate school.

And all of this, in a rather roundabout way, brings me to my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Taking the GRE proved to be a serious blow to my intellectual pride. I graciously recovered, however, when my train of thought led me to my membership in the Mormon Church. I won't expound on my entire thought process here, but below are two reasons I came up with that I am grateful to be Mormon.

#1. I definitely used an argument from Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk on moral discipline to answer one of my essay questions. Thank goodness for sound doctrine that can't be refuted, especially in a persuasive essay. You can't effectively argue with truth, now can you?

#2. Knowledge of the truth, as we learn in the Book of Mormon, brings a different perspective to life. My intellectual prowess may be akin to that of a flaccid pickle as demonstrated by the GRE, but if I put everything into the Lord's hands, He'll take care of it. And when I say everything, I mean everything. I will do my absolute best the next time I take the test (yes, I am already making study plans), but He will take any sort of intellect-flaccid pickle or not-and place it where it needs placed. God's far-reaching hand of miracles certainly extends to the Stanford Admissions Board, right?

Consider this an exercise in gratidue intended to relieve my distress and bolster my hope for the future. Onward ever onward.

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